About Us

Exquisite products from hardworking Maine people.

Owners Kurt and Kathy Cressey have extensive experience in the business world. They both worked at DeLorme Mapping Company for 10 years. After the birth of their daughter in 1995, they decided they wanted a business that offered them a new level of control and flexibility. The Pine Tree Store in Grand Lake Stream seemed to fit the bill and they ran it with pride.

However, the store closed every October after fishing season and reopened in January for the snowmobilers, which left a lot of down time - not something the hardworking Cresseys liked. Just as they became restless and began looking for another business to supplement the store, Pack Baskets of Maine went up for sale! The idea just seemed so right - so Maine. They proceeded to sell the store and purchase Pack Baskets of Maine!

Now full time basket makers and business owners, Kurt and Kathy have never regretted the change of pace. Their personal dedication to their craft and the business as a whole is evident in each and every basket. For years, Native Americans, fisherman, and the famed Maine Guides have used pack baskets as efficient and attractive carry-alls. The Cresseys use strips of maple veneer to create each stunning basket by hand.  Woven to perfection, shipped with care, and backed by stellar customer service, these baskets are guaranteed to please.

So, take a look; browse the online store; and secure your own piece of handmade history.