Pack Baskets of Maine

Hand-Crafted Beauty from the Pine Tree State

Our pack baskets are steeped in history and heritage and made one at a time by hand. Dating back to utilitarian use by Native Americans and pioneers of our past, pack baskets remain a staple for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Our baskets continue that legacy with relentless attention to detail and an undeniable dedication to consistency and quality.

Each basket is woven by hand using techniques that have been passed down through generations. You won’t find any conveyor belts or mass production lines in our shop. No, none of that – just good old fashioned time, hard work, and quality materials. Our workshop offers the perfect backdrop for a time-tested weaving process born out of true Yankee tradition. Using the finest rock maple from the north woods of Maine, each basket is crafted to exact specifications. Created with patience and skill, our baskets stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Our baskets make a great gift for any outdoor enthusiast or a beautiful addition to the home or cottage. Get yours today and take home a piece of ‘Handmade History.’