Pack Basket Uses & Purpose

From the wild rambling woods of Maine to the center of an elegantly set dinner table, a pack basket from Pack Baskets of Maine is perfect for any setting. While you can certainly stick to the traditional uses and grab your basket for a trip through woods and streams, there are also a number of nontraditional uses for your pack basket.

The uses of our baskets are more diverse than you might think! For example our baskets are perfect for the any of the following:

  • A decorative way to hold blankets or throws
  • A place to put keys and mail
  • A centerpiece or base for a flower arrangment
  • To organize gardening or fishing gear
  • Transporting a picnic to your location of choice
  • A nontraditional 'beach bag'

These are just a few suggestions, but we know our customers are a creative and active bunch. Are you using your basket in another way? We'd love to hear about it! Contact us and tell us how you are enjoying your basket!