Pack Basket Preservation Tips

All Pack Baskets of Maine products are built to last. By using quality materials and a time tested production process, the structure of our baskets stands apart from any others. However, there are some insider tricks to getting even more life out of your basket!

If you would like to apply a preservative, we recommend using something that would still allow the basket to breathe. Thompson's Water Seal, linseed oil, or an oil-based stain will allow the wood grain of your basket to breathe and flex. By using the proper product, you can avoid the perils of brittle wood that will splinter rather than bend.

We strongly advise against using any kind of varnish, shellac, or polyuerethane. These products do not only seal the wood; instead they actually adhere the individual weaves together. This prevents the natural movement of the basket and can make your basket very stiff and cause cracking when used.